Forest Wedding – A Styled Shoot


Vintage Style Table Seating


Playful Horse Silhouette Menu


Beautifully detailed and stylish laser cut paper placemats




In The Beginning

Where it all began….. Friends, family help to define and shape us quite profoundly. I was always searching for something to inspire me even in the drabbest of places. I was forever trying to beautify my surroundings. It somehow was not as important to the people around me. Many of sleepless nights dreaming of my new bedroom look, dreaming up my next creation. Cutting, gluing, pasting, drawing and basically taking over the entire dining room table. Gathering of twigs and rusted wire, wounds from my NT-cutter. Space was everything I needed. I have a dream that repeats itself. One where I am in a house, a far more magnificent one than in my reality, and I keep finding more and more rooms, a treasure chest of space and rooms. My best dream ever. I looked up to my big sister who was doing ceramics as a major at school, and I thought she was incredible and wanted to be just like her. She was clever and beautiful. I admired her, and still do. She however became a CA, Chartered Accountant. A wise move. I however decided for some very complicated reasons to become an artist. Scared of a Fine Arts Degree and having those feelings of insecurity I settled for a diploma in Textiles, which is kind of like a 3 years arts workshop in patterning and drawing and exploring. This was wonderful. I came to Cape Town, the city. That was a long time ago and the beginning of my education.